Halifax, Canada | October 11th, 2022

Each month Resource in Focus magazine brings its more than 110,000 readers in Canada and USA a comprehensive view of the North American resource industry, including a diverse range of sectors such as Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Forestry, and Waste Management, among others. In its October 2022 edition, the publication featured Greenwood Energy in a 6-page article highlighting several aspects of the company: from its history and values to its corporate vision and a summary of its latest projects.

With a focus on Greenwood Energy’s “Reimagining Development” series of projects, the article showcases the company’s approach to a more sustainable future. “Greenwood’s mission is to provide energy solutions for a new world under pressure to reverse the catastrophic climate challenges global society is facing now,” Guido Patrignani, CEO of Greenwood Energy points out in the article. “Based on the feedback of our clients, governments, partners, and the public, we’re aware of the pressing need to take infrastructure projects to the next level,” adds Patrignani.

The story also covers a selection of projects developed by Greenwood Energy, including ɅLMɅ MɅTER and the TERRɅ INITIɅTIVE, which are expected to start construction during the first half of 2023. The latter, in Colombia, involves the construction of the first indigenous town planned by the initiative next to the first three solar plants for a total of 80MWp, while ɅLMɅ MɅTER includes a 40MWp solar program which will allow the largest university in Panama to become the first public university of Latin America to be entirely powered by renewable energy sources. Each solar project is paired with numerous and unique educational, social, and environmental benefits that will help thousands of people in both countries to make progress toward a more sustainable future. To learn more about these projects visit: [TERRɅ] and [ɅLMɅ].

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