Greenwood Energy CEO participates in Concordia Americas Summit 2020

Colombia | December 16, 2020

On December 3 took place the fifth Concordia Americas Summit, convened by Concordia via streaming. At the event, various topics related to the most relevant global problems were discussed, as well as the urgent need to reactivate the Latin American economy in the face of the consequences generated by Covid-19.

Greenwood Energy’s CEO and Libra Group’s VP of Energy, Camilo Patrignani, participated along with Gustavo Anderlic [Director of Government Affairs for LatAm, Salesforce], Ernesto Muyshondt [Mayor of San Salvador], Rubén Muñoz Álvarez [Mayor of La Paz , Mexico], Patricia Ahumada [General Director of the Municipal Institute of La Paz, Mexico], Carlos Pereira [Minister of Urban Planning of the Republic of Paraguay], and Verónica Arias [Executive Director of CC35 and former Secretary of Environment of Quito, Ecuador], in the session “Smart Cities in the Forefront of Climate Change”. It highlighted the importance of rethinking public-private strategies that allow cities and industries in general to achieve a higher degree of competitiveness and sustainability in Latin America in the long term.

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